Scott and Megan

Scott and Megan are inspiring, to say the least. We’ve know Megan since the day she came home from hospital at a few days old. We have watched her grow, and we were so stoked to watch her marry the man of her dreams. We don’t know Scott, but to watch him on the day he married his bride, boy this man wears his heart on his sleeve!

This wedding blew our minds! Not only was it the joining of two immensely gifted and incredible people, it was the collaboration of family to turn a wedding day into a dream come true. Meg’s brother and sister-in-law saw to it that the decor for the day was like nothing we’ve ever seen. It was out-of-this-world awesome! Dominique (sister-in-law) is so talented we stood in awe for most of the day, staring at her creations!

What a privilege it was to share this day with Meg and Scott and to capture some of their special moments. The day was rainy and that just added to the romantic mood of the pics. Enjoy a peak into their rainy-day bliss.